Homemade baby soap

Would you like to learn how to make your very own homemade soap? This all-natural soap is simple and inexpensive.


Black soap

3 tbsp. Shea butter

2 tbsp. Glycerin

3 tbsp. Jojoba oil

2 tbsp. Almond oil

2 tbsp. Castor oil

2 tbsp. Aloe Vera gel

2 tbsp. Camwood (Osun)

Mini Mortar and Pestle

Tbsp. – Tablespoon

Baby soap

A black lady smiling

For centuries, the popular drink, beer has been used to make bread, batters, and cakes – and often to cool off at the end of a long day at work.

However, the dominant proteins, yeast and B vitamins content in this age-old drink can also soften and volumize your hair.

Whether you add it to your hair mask or a quick rinse, beer is an all-natural treatment for your hair.

One of the many advantages of beer is its ability to induce hair growth.

eyelashes extension

In the spirit of beauty and all the things I was learning from social media, I decided to get eyelash extensions. I am not talking about the ones you get stuck on when trying to slay with your Aso Ebi at that society wedding. I am talking Silk Lash Extensions, natural looking (Kardashian-esque), individually attached which last at least three weeks before you need refills.

Honestly, they are beautiful. I still have the eyelashes on as I type this and I get at least one compliment a day.

Here is what I wish someone had told me before I got them;

Trending hairstyle

While finding the perfect outfit to wear during this holiday is incredibly important, finding the ideal Christmas hairstyle is just as essential.

A lot of times you may look to magazines, friends, Instagram and YouTube videos to find the perfect holiday hairstyle and while there is an amazing inspiration through these sources, we’re constantly looking at runway shows for hairstyle inspiration.

I know how many times I have thought of vamping my old weave but out of laziness just drop it off at a salon or buy a new one. Well, times are changing especially now when saving money is very important.

Hair products

Your skin shouldn't get all the love and pampering; your hair is important too.

Taking good care of your hair is essential. And having your hair essentials is very good too.

You may not have time to see your stylist, and you may even prepare to work on your hair yourself.

Here are the hair care products and tools most women should have on hand.

Hair Brushes

The higher quality your hairbrush, the healthier your hair.