An ill-fitting bra can be incredibly you agree?

Bras are designed to give good support to our breasts and also make us look beautiful. If often times you really can’t tell if a bra fits or not, you aren’t alone. Statistics show that at least 85% of women wear band sizes too large and cup sizes too small.

Well, we all don’t have the time to go for professional bra fittings, but from the comfort of your room, there are quite a number of things you can do or look out for in making the perfect choice of bra size.

Have you ever been so carried away with a lady whose skin was so flawless and attractive? If you have, then you may agree that having really great skin is awesome. It is no wonder that one has to first of all determine the type of skin type they have.

There are different skin types: the oily skin, dry skin, as well as the combination skin type. Many ladies who have oily skin complain about how hard it is to maintain with all that makeup and dirt from moving around all day.

Here are some tips that will help you keep your skin nice and smooth.

Why are the zips of all my aso-ebi not going up like they use to? Only when getting dressed in buba and iro do I get that feeling I use to have when getting dressed. Also, I only admitted to myself after my husband made a comment about changes in my wardrobe. I have avoided facing the realities that I have bought more accessories especially Gele and pele over the past 3 years. It has been 3 years since I heard my mother’s voice and seen her smile.

I love Lagos.

People who live outside cannot understand the love Lagosians have for their city. Sure we have the negatives, traffic being the most obvious but there is so much to love about Lagos. Here are a few things you can get up to:

Go Out For A Bite

One of my favourite things to do is EAT. There is no shortage of restaurants in Lagos. My personal favourites are:

Crust & Cream, Victoria Island

Grills In & Out, Lekki

Orchid Bistro, Ikeja

By the time you watch Nollywood movies and read blog comments, you may be convinced that all mother-in-laws are of the devil. Yes, there are bad mother-in-laws but i don’t think we talk enough about the ones that are truly God sent.

Let’s discuss some instances where you might actually be the cause of the mother-in-law drama.

1. Your Mindset

You enter the relationship prepared ‘’not to take nonsense from anyone’’. This attitude clouds your judgement and allows you over react in simple situations.

I miss being a child. I miss the adventures I had. I miss the freedom. I miss being able to think everything is possible. I want to give my children this gift. I want them to think they are unstoppable. I want them to have an imagination and generally be good people. This is the perfect time to imbibe the right values in them and what better way to do this than through great movies.

Watching television or movies should go beyond getting them to keep still while you do your thing.