Do you sometimes wonder what magic it is that bartenders perform in conjuring those delicious drinks? Well, there's no magic to it. Cocktails are simply amazing and to rustle up a glass, you sure don't need a master's degree.

In need of a refreshing cocktail for a relaxing me time? Or a crowd-pleasing drink to enjoy with friends? Here's something quick and easy - White Russian!

Love fries so badly you just can't help longing for them?

Well, you're certainly not alone. I used to feel guilty each time I indulge in fries. But not anymore! I discovered something delicious and refreshingly healthy. Plus the fact that it's a winner with my daughter! So I don't have to worry about being tempted to have a taste when making some for her.

Made by boiling or infusing dried Roselle (hibiscus) leaves in hot water, Zobo is a favourite in Nigeria, Ghana, Senegal and some Northern parts of Africa and the Caribbean (named Sorrel there).

Carrying an enormous amount of vitamin C and a high concentration of antioxidants, Zobo sure has its numerous health benefits. Little wonder this super drink is often enjoyed warm as a soothing tea or chilled as refreshing juice. For ages, Roselle leaves have been used in traditional medicine as a natural diuretic, mild laxative and fever/cold combatant.

Ever so often classified as a member of the sweet potato family and usually confused as same, yams differ in botanical groupings. Though wildly consumed and used interchangeably in many recipes, white yams are known as Dioscorea rotundata (family Dioscoreaceae) while sweet potatoes are Ipomoea batatas from the Convolvulaceae family. Their taste sure differs too!

I love yams and never tire of eating them. But just so not to become too monotonous I try cooking yam in diverse ways. This sure works perfectly for my daughter too!

Are there some yam lovers in the house as well? Yams are awesomely nutritious. And contrary to the general belief that they're fattening and thus should be avoided due to their carb content, yam do pack some healthy punch that will do you a whole lot of good. Like I always say, moderation is the watchword!

Got picky eaters? Don’t know what to cook?

Day after day, getting your kid to finish up a meal can often times be a challenge. But do you know that your child’s mealtime doesn’t have to be a battle? Not to worry, you’re covered with today’s yummy recipe for kiddies.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese is an all time international crowd pleaser. But here’s a healthy twist to it – the addition of carrots and low fat choice of dairy gives this recipe a healthy punch. With this nutritious tasty pasta, your kid(s) will sure look forward to lunchtime.