Get ready to enjoy a sweet start to your day with this easy, yummy French toast recipe. Nothing beats the satisfaction of a delicious filling breakfast (especially) on a busy morning. Well, with some warm French toast, you're sure covered!

White soup

Known to the Ibos as ofe nsala, and to the Efiks as afia efere, white soup is a very tasty Nigerian soup that's common in many homes. I remember my first taste of white soup way back during my Youth Corper days. We were contemplating what delicacy to make for the food competition to be held during the bonfire night. As my fellow Platoon members clamoured for ofe nsala, I wondered to myself what kind of soup it was.

Considered neither as fish nor meat, snails has always been seen as the ideal food to be consumed during Lent. But beyond that, there are quite a lot more reasons to eat snails. High in protein and other essential nutrients, Escargots as they are called in European cuisine, are a delicacy and an integral part of their cooking.

I recently came across a very interesting meal. A true Spainish delight, that's what Pan con Tomate is. Also known as Pa amb tomaquèt, this is a basic staple meal not only for the Catalans (where it originated from), but all over Spain. Talking of cuisines, the Spainards sure have a way with foods. Their unique cooking and food selection is an integral part of their rich history; visiting Spain and not indulging in their foods is almost a sin.

The word tikka in India simply means chunks or pieces. Chicken tikka is a classic speciality from the famous Indian cuisines and rustling it up is as easy as A, B, C. Similar to kebobs/kebabs, tikka are super-yummy, versatile, good to the eyes (colourful) and certainly, easy to make. All of these make them kid-friendly too!

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