Fun Sports That Can Help You Lose Weight

You've been trying to lose weight for so long that I am sure you've been told to exercise. Well, you would if it were fun. Fear no more, we are here to help with that. Here’s a list of a few exercises that are fun to do which would most importantly help you stay fit, healthy and lose weight. Make a fitfam date and call your friends and family to join you.

1.Hula Hoops

woman doing Hula Hoops to Lose WeightBy hula hooping you can burn up to 600 calories an hour. One can say it's hard hula hooping for an hour but remember the goal here. It can be privately done in your room. Use a weighted hoop or a lighter hoop depending on how good you are at it. The elderly can try it too. Put on some music and you are ready to go. This could make for some cool Snapchat videos.


frisbee vector image to Lose WeightBuy a Frisbee, get some friends or if you have a dog, even better. All the throwing, catching and running will help your body. In fact, a 30-minute game can burn nearly 125 calories for a person that weighs 75 kilos. And it needn't be a Frisbee, you could use a volleyball. Please don't break your neighbour's belongings. Use a field or open space.


ladies walking to Lose WeightI know you’ve heard this before, and it sounds like too much work to be fun, but it can be. Plan with a group of friends and take off through proposed route every weekend for a few hours. You can trek to a spot and have a picnic and play a few games. It is not only an opportunity to exercise but also a way to bond with your friends. Nowadays, many adventure groups organize trekking trips.


lady swimming to Lose WeightSwimming is one of the best cardiovascular exercises. And who doesn't like to splash some water around? Make it even more fun by playing some water volleyball or a game of catch.


vector image of lady dancing to Lose WeightWho doesn’t like to bust a move when music comes on? You can attend classes to learn different styles or just connect speakers to your phone or iPod shikenah! From pole dance workout (rekindle the romance in the bedroom).

Zumba the Latin-inspired dance (quickly check to follow videos on the internet), Belly dancing - a quick way to burn belly fat and develop abs, to Twerking- get in touch with you inner Miley Cyrus drop down and get your eagle on! This seductive workout is meant to tone your core, glutes, hips and thigh muscles.