Accessories to Brighten Your Home

It is easy to admire beautiful spaces online, in magazines even real life but it takes careful planning to achieve the same feat. There are basics you need to get for a living space; furniture and fittings but what gives a space character is how you choose to decorate.

Here are simple accessories to brighten your home;

1.    Mirrors

Mirrors for HomeBesides their utility, mirrors can be used to brighten and give life to a room. Everyone likes mirrors. Well, most people. Putting a mirror with an artistic frame in your living room gives a focal point and draws people in. You can also arrange mirrors of different shapes and sizes along the wall of a passageway or corridor.

2.    Plants

Plants for HomeGreenery never harmed anyone. You can have a potted plant by the corner of your room, windowsill or a small potted plant like a cactus on the centre table. You can also put fresh flowers as often as possible on a centre table or mantle piece in your living room.

3.    CurtainsCurtains are essential. When decorating your windows you have a wide variety to choose from with curtains. You have a variety of textures, fabrics, lengths, colour and design to pick from. You can choose monochrome, chevron prints, chiffon fabrics, three-quarter to full lengths. Your choice is endless. Pick according to the theme you are decorating with.

4.    Side Stools

side stool for Home    You do not have to go the boring traditional route. Try colourful plastic side stools to brighten your home.

5.    Throw Pillows

Throw pillows for a Home    They would brighten even dark furniture. Bold neon colours would make your room pop.

6.    Rugs

Rugs for a Home    Think luxurious Persian rugs or more realistically the faux rugs that may be used as a centrepiece for your rooms.

7.    Lights    Sounds pretty obvious right? Get artistic with your choice of lighting. Use beautiful chandeliers, bulbs and even artsy lamp holders.

8.    Vases    If you are not one for potted plants, you can still have beautiful vases placed strategically around your house.

9.    Baskets    Use raffia and bamboo baskets for storage and decor to create a rustic feel.

10.    Paintings    Wouldn’t it be nice to have a large painting of a vacation spot somewhere in your home? You can go for any artwork that catches your fancy.


 There is so much you can do to brighten your space but remember a house where there is love is a home.