I have become more adventurous these days. I just want to experience everything. Well if not everything, many things. When my finances align, I would love to visit Japan(Tokyo).

Tokyo Trip Requirement

For a Nigerian visiting Japan this is what you’ll need;

1. Passport

2. 1 Visa application form

3. 1 Photo

4. Flight booking confirmation slip

5. Documents to prove ability to pay for travel expenses


What is Ankara?
What is Ankara Fabric?
Isn’t it the capital of Turkey?
It is the capital of Turkey and it is also the name of a popular fabric worn by many of us.

I just like to put it out here that this is one problem we big eyed girls don’t have but I use these tricks when I want to be extra. These tips would make anyone’s eyes pop:

 Making Your Eyes Pop

lady with eyeliner

 Salon Business

‘No matter how broke, the average woman would still do something to her hair’

-Amanda Etuk

You cannot argue with my logic whether you say she will wash it at home, she would buy the shampoo. If she is going to cut it, she would need scissors and a clipper. If she is like some people I know she would need to steam it, dye it, straighten it, relax it, install a weave, braid it etc. You get the picture. Woman must make hair. Would it not be great to be part of the industry servicing this need? Let me rephrase. Don’t you want your share of the cake?

I know everyone and their grandmother has gone to Dubai. If you haven’t, don’t feel bad rather don’t snub Dubai. Dubai can be wonderful if you take time to see the sights. It is not just a place to shop, you can have a wonderful family vacation, honeymoon or just me time.

I hear people complain so much about the new generation of men. Heck, even I have complained. Now you hear more tribal stereotypes Yoruba this, Igbo that, Hausa men are like this and I wonder why the complaints are louder than ever. I started tracing the root of this problem, I came to a conclusion that it is up to us to bring up our sons to be the men we wish we had, the men we would be proud of.

Your son will get lots of information—some true, some false—from his peers and the media, so he needs your help to sort it all out.

Sometimes it's the smallest change in your look that can impart the greatest difference. You don't always have to reboot your entire closet in order to look brand new (although, of course, I would never shame you for doing such an exciting thing).

Adding a cap to your wardrobe choices is the answer. I know it may seem too simple but it works, trust me. You can style it different ways depending on your outfit.

I always wonder how some women don it. They look so classy walking effortlessly in heels even standing for hours on end. Wearing heels for me can be a struggle but I do it because sometimes yanga dey pain.

 When Marilyn Monroe said “Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world,” we’re fairly certain she was talking about heels.

That is from Marilyn but there is nothing sexy about wearing heels and walking like a baby calf.  But if you can’t walk in said heels? That is a serious problem I am going to try to solve with these steps.

Anyone who knows me knows that my Eyebrows affect my mood. I am not being dramatic, they even affect my self esteem. At the moment I have a whack job done to my eyebrows. My regular place was closed so I decided to walk into a popular beauty store to get it done. The results were saddening. The one true saving grace I have is been able to fill my eyebrows well to give the illusion that they are perfect. I tell you this is one of the life skills you need as a woman.

Don’t laugh o. This is serious. So I went to the market last week after drawing up a list and budget. I went to buy tomatoes and pepper, I planned to use the cheat mode I usually use on the mallams selling. “Give me all for three hundred naira”. All usually includes tomatoes, bell pepper (tatashe) and chilli pepper (rodo). You can imagine my shock when the guy revolted, “Madam, we no dey sell like that again”. Trust me, I have used this method countless times and even beg for extra.