I have been looking forward to the weekend since Monday and to be fair this week has been fast. I think it is because of my state of mind; I feel so calm and relaxed. I am putting my worries aside.

Now what to do this weekend?

It is easy to admire beautiful spaces online, in magazines even real life but it takes careful planning to achieve the same feat. There are basics you need to get for a living space; furniture and fittings but what gives a space character is how you choose to decorate.

Here are simple accessories to brighten your home;

1.    Mirrors

When training a child, it is never too early to start inculcating habits you want them to stick with as they grow older. It is important to teach them to dress as they want to be addressed and put their best foot forward as they step out into society.

Who am I kidding? This post is not about training your kids. It is about the pictures that make us go aww on Instagram or Snapchat even Facebook. Okay, all social media.

I wake up from time to time to consider my life and what needs fixing. This probably sounds a bit dramatic. I woke up recently bothered about my skin and my receding hairline. You see, I have uneven skin tone, and my hairline prevents me from styling my hair in some very fashionable styles. Apparently no baby hair and edges for me.

I wanted to fix these problems in the most natural way possible. My research into natural oils began and this is what I learnt.

The gym isn't a fashion show or a club but the world is your runway. The appropriate kind of clothes to work out in can help you feel more comfortable and motivated when you're putting in work. Women's workout wear no longer consists of your husband’s old shirts and shorts. Today, a variety of designers offer gym wear that is comfortable and functional, yet still feminine and fashionable. The gym is now also one of the top rated places to find a beau, so bring your game on!

The Clothing For Gym

A supportive sports bra:

Hair Extensions

Looking good is good business. If you are confused as to what sort of business to invest in this may just be for you.

Of course it is better if you are interested in hair that is if you are a user of hair extensions yourself. You should be your own brand ambassador that is the fastest way to sell.

Hair Extensions

human hair extensions

Step 1: Learn the basics/ Upgrade your knowledge

If you find yourself struggling with it all, you may be in need of some refreshing. Sometimes, we get so caught up with the routine of work, crushing deadlines, balancing home and family, dreams and reality, expectations and promises. Honestly, life can get a bit hectic and exhausting sometimes.

Take a moment to peruse the quotes below from powerful people. Not only are their words relatable and inspiring, they'll totally incite some pre-work week enthusiasm.

Powerful Quotes

Let me know which ones resonate with you in the most.

You've been trying to lose weight for so long that I am sure you've been told to exercise. Well, you would if it were fun. Fear no more, we are here to help with that. Here’s a list of a few exercises that are fun to do which would most importantly help you stay fit, healthy and lose weight. Make a fitfam date and call your friends and family to join you.

1.Hula Hoops

A mistress is a relatively long-term female lover and companion who is not married to her partner, especially when her partner is married.

This is the type of article one should write anonymous but I trust you guys. As a single girl, most of the attention I have received is from unavailable or unsuitable men and if you notice, for those who have this experience is that they are the most caring and very eager to solve your life’s problems whether spiritual, academic or financial.

I saw this picture on the internet about age appropriate chores for children and i noticed some chores had to do with sharp objects. I tried to remember what age I was when my mother first started trying to teach me how to cook. I was about seven years old when she gave me a tuber of yam to peel. I can tell you that it ended hilariously, I managed to peel the yam but i rubbed it across my skin so much that i was so itchy. I had to shower with disinfectant and even had to take an antihistamine. I learnt a valuable lesson, yam skins and human skins (at least mine) don't mix.